The goal of the Clearly Present Foundation is to pursue the possibilities of TMS as a treatment for certain core symptoms of autism, so people with autism can have the full use of their gifts and abilities—and be clearly present in the world

Reasons you should consider donating:
●     For people with autism to achieve their full potential
●     For families and caregivers
●     At present, there are no medically verified treatment for core symptoms of ASD.
●     Increasing the productivity and employment of people  with autism
●     Decreasing the necessity for and cost of supportive services
None of those working with the Clearly Present Foundation draw a salary or honorarium for their work, including the founder, those who plan the meetings, or any of the participants. Indeed, the professional participants in the work of Clearly Present are not only donating their time, the standard practice has been for them to pay their own expenses to attend the annual meetings convened by the Clearly Present Foundation, as well.
The Clearly Present Foundation is a registered 501c3 charitable organization, and donations are tax-deductible.

Make a donation today. Together, we can breakthrough.