The Founder

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Kim Hollingsworth Taylor, founder and CEO of CPF, introduced new products and therapies for Medtronic. She served as an equity research analyst and covered emerging sectors of the healthcare universe. She has worked for or with numerous med tech and healthcare companies including ALZA, Kaiser Permanente and United HealthCare. She holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University with a specialization in healthcare economics. She is married with three children, one of whom has high functioning autism.

Kim’s background combines financial acumen with experience in solving strategic issues for a variety of companies, many in the healthcare and med tech spaces. She served as an equity research analyst for Wessels LLC, covering emerging sectors of the healthcare services universe. She has worked with or for companies small and large, of diverse size and industry, including Medtronic, ALZA, United HealthCare, Kaiser Permanente, and most recently for Syncada, a B2B payments processing and financing provider. As an independent consultant she has advised companies on M&A negotiations, road show presentations, product and financing strategies, profitability improvement, and long-term business plans.

She recently started the Clearly Present Foundation, which seeks to accelerate scientific knowledge and availability of transcranial magnetic stimulation as a breakthrough treatment to address the core functional deficits of autism. In her role as chief executive officer at the foundation, Kim collaborates with national and international scientific experts, philanthropists and related company management, and provides vision and leadership.

Kim earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with Honors from Haverford College and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry from Santa Clara University. Kim has served as a Member of the Corporation for Haverford College and a board member for Faith at Work, now Lumunos.